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IIWFTC Coffee Beans

IIWFTC Coffee Beans


Perfect gift idea for your friends, our beautiful 3 bean blend with origins of Vietnam, Brazil and Uganda. Perfectly blended to deliver a sweet milk chocolate base, full buttery body and a smooth caramel finish. Choose your preferred grind type (or choose whole bean if you prefer to grind yourself) and select the weight/size you'd like to purchase.

  • We can grind your beans before shipping making your life easier. When buying coffee select your grind style. Alternatively you can choose to grind yourself, as we can ship your coffee beans as whole beans. Please see our grinding style advice below.


    Easy to find, easy to do, French Press is the old faithful of the home baristas. You can make a large amount at a time and please a crowd. 10 minutes is all you need & you have a steaming cup of caffeinated goodness.

    Requires a Coarse grind.


    Brewing under pressure! Whether a commercial grade machine or at home, this produces a beautiful result with triple layered crema...classic!

    Requires a Fine grind.


    The quickest way to beautiful Italian style coffee, this stovetop brewer will keep you going all day. Bellissimo!

    Requires a Fine grind.



    The no-fuss way to a beautiful brew. Cold or hot, this method is easy for beginners, and there are so many options for equipment.

    Requires a Medium to Coarse grind.

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